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Josh Pratt

Josh Pratt

Josh obtained his training in Massage Therapy in Ontario with his personal preference throughout school being the treatment of athletes and athletic or sports related injuries. Josh has worked in Spa’s, a Chiropractic multidisciplinary clinic, a Physiotherapy clinic and now feels at home in the Port Coquitlam Therapeutic Massage Clinic.

His experience ranges from relaxation and general massage to motor vehicle accident claims, workplace injuries, as well as athletic and sports injuries. Currently while expanding his new practice Josh is handling many ICBC clients as well as athletic and sports injuries, though anyone seeking to find improvement through massage is welcome. Much of Josh’s experience has been in dealing with injuries and he enjoys the challenge in treating a new case. His belief being that any disruption in the body will lead to undesirable results and Massage Therapy having the necessary skills to help correct these problems. Often techniques like muscle stripping, myofacial work, stretching, joint mobilizations and active rehabilitation have been the key to helping his clients recover from their injuries.

Currently Josh is interested in and has been pursuing extended training in Ligamentous Articular Strain and Neuromuscular Techniques, Athletic massage and Core Stabilization.
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