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Oct 19

Your First Treatment So what should you expect for your first massage treatment? This is a common concern for people as massage therapy as a regulated health practice is fairly new within canada with regards to its position in the public eye.

Do you have to undress?
Will you be covered?
Will it hurt?
Will it help? Is there any side effects?
What if I want to change the treatment?
How long will it last?

look at more info There is an unlimited number of questions you may have coming in to your first massage treatment, but your massage therapist is a dedicated health practitioner there to help with your health and open to all your questions. Before your first massage session starts the therapist will have you fill out a health history questionnaire, much like you would fill out the first time going to a new Doctor. This information is private and confidential between you and your Massage Therapist and cannot be released without your written consent or when required under law. Your Massage Therapist uses this information to identify any indications or contraindications you may have to massage therapy. Through a detailed health history as well as physical testing the massage therapist is able to form a complete view of your individual injury or concern and design a specific treatment around this information.

Your Massage Therapist will explain your proposed treatment including expected benefits, possible side effects, home care and any modifications that may be necessary to treatment. At this point the therapist would ask for your informed consent to proceed with the massage then leave you to remove any clothing you may feel necessary, you can of course leave on any clothing you wish. Once on the table you are covered at all times except for the specific area being treated.

The average massage treatment can last anywhere from 30 to 90minutes and will vary from treatment to treatment and depend upon what is determined as best for you between you and your therapist. Normally your session time includes your intake, the massage, time for on and off the massage table as well as time to discuss home care and possible future treatments.

Remember that your R.M.T. is there for your health purposes and that any time you have the right to refuse or rescind consent, change or stop your treatment or asks questions. Allowing yourself to be heard during your Massage Therapy treatment is the best way to ensure a valuable experience.